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Risk Register for Jira Cloud - Features

Powerful and easy to use risk management with risk register, risk models, risk matrix, risk mitigations, risk log and risk burndown chart

Features Risk Register
Risk Model
Can you create Risk Models and assign to Risk Registers?
Can each Risk Register configure its own Risk Model (Risk Matrix)?
Risk Matrix
Can the size be fully configurable e.g 3x3 or 5x5?
Can you configure all labels?
Can you create new Risk severity?
Can you fully configure Risk severity and map to the Risk Matrix?
Can you set and modify Matrix definitions?
Risk Register
Can you create Risk Registers based on project, board or JQLs?
Can you fully configure the register and create new user columns?
Can you do inline editing of Risks and Jira fields?
Can you assign any Jira fields to columns?
Can you work with both inherent and residual Risks?
Can you assign Mitigations to Risks?
Can you export to Excel or CSV?
Can you set a cell background color?
Can you search and filter overall and on individual columns?
Jira Issues
Is a Risk or Mitigation a Jira Issue?
Can Risk assessment be done in both the Issue view and Risk Register?
Jira Gadget
Can you create dashboard Risk Matrix?
Risk Burndown Chart
Can you view Risk changes over time in a burndown chart?
Permission & Access
Can user access to the app be controlled by a Jira group?
Is Risk and Mitigations access controlled by Jira Issue permissions?
Can you configure which projects have a Risk Register?
Can you configure which Jira types can be assigned to Risks?
Atlassian Fortified Program and Marketplace Bug Bounty participant?
Is all Risk and app data stored only in the Jira Instance?

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