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Issue Export Templates

Jira single issue export pdf

Easily export one issue into our beautiful single issue template.


Jira multi issue export

Or export multiple issues export...

All our templates, with the exception of the ones that has single in the name, supports both single as well as multi issue export


Jira barcode export pdf

Transform any text field to barcode.

We support 100+ 1D and 2D barcodes including QR, Data Matrix, UPC-A, EAN-8, Code-128, Code 39... full list!


Epic status pdf

Export your epics and get the progress including issues in epics and linked issues.


Jira single issue export full history pdf

Export the complete Jira issue change history. In one view see the complete history of the issue and the transition done.


Time and Cost Templates

Jira timesheet pdf

Ask your time to report time in the Jira worklog and get a full overview on where you spend your time.

With full support for Tempo Timesheet


Jira invoice pdf

Add time spent in the Jira issue worklog and add hour cost rate to the invoice template. Creating the invoice is then just a button click away.

With full support for Tempo Timesheet


Jira actual vs estimated time pdf

Full support for Jira software time tracking both for individual issues as well as aggregated issue date.


Progress Templates

Jira issue progress pdf

Keep track of your issue progress. Export a specific label, sprint or PI increment and genereate the PDF


Table Templates

Jira issue table export pdf

Export any issue search to a table showing the key columns. Easily update the template and add, change, remove any columns.


Release Note Templates

Jira release notes simple pdf

Easily create a release notes. This release note template has a free text section at the top and then list all features improvemnt, bugs closed and open issues.


Jira release notes modern pdf

Make nice looking modern release notes adding link, graphics, tables to impresss your stakholders


Jira Service Desk SLA Templates

Jira service desk sla pdf

Export a Jira service desk issue togheter with all issue details and the service level aggreement fullfilment.


Jira service desk sla table pdf

Export all your Jira service desk issues to table and get the complete overview of your service level agreement fullfilment.


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